Referring director must have traveled within the last three years on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program. Referred director must not have traveled within the last three years on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program. Scholarships must be applied to current year trip. Scholarship applied to final invoice. If scholarship option is not applied to current year trip, the option reverts to an airfare reward. The incentive only applies to the core, base package at the quad occupancy rate. Optional activities, bussing, upgrades, etc., do not apply. The incentive package does not apply to non-Canadian international programs, performance-only, event-only, or festival-only. Additional $250 reward is redeemable as an airline ticket reward (see below) or scholarship. Limit one $10 gift card per director.

This referral program applies to standard festival, Festival of Gold, Festival at Carnegie Hall, bowl game, custom dance, and parade programs.

Airline Ticket Reward in Lieu of Scholarship: WorldStrides Heritage Performance will reimburse airline tickets purchased for personal travel made by the group director up to $500. Offer is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Airline ticket must be purchased within one year from the date WorldStrides travel is complete. Not valid for multiple airline ticket purchases. Airline tickets costing less than $500 will be reimbursed at purchase price. Receipt and boarding passes for airline travel must be submitted after travel has been completed. Reimbursements will be sent via check within 30 days of receipt submission. For directors qualifying for the additional $250 reward, airline reimbursement value increases to $750.


  • This offer is only valid for groups traveling on a spring 2016 WorldStrides Heritage Performance Festival or Elite Performance Series program and purchasing a minimum one-night package (festival only groups are not eligible).
  • Price freeze does not apply to Anaheim festival.
  • Festival-only groups qualify for price freeze only and do not qualify for additional scholarships or iPod incentives.
  • Incentives do not apply to custom or non-Canadian international groups.
  • In order to qualify for the rewards, group must return a complete application (tour package agreement and registration form) and a payment for the group deposit no later than the advertised date.
  • In the event that a group is transferring money from a previously cancelled program toward a spring 2016 festival, the group still must submit a new application and an additional deposit.
  • Group must meet the requirement of 25 full-paying participants at time of registration.
  • In the event that more than one director registers under one group (that is Band Director, Orchestra Director, and/or Choral Director), each sub-group is then eligible for a reward as long as each Director has at least 25 unique full-paying participants.



  • Scholarships will be posted on the invoices by August 31, 2015.
  • Scholarships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


iPad Air and Ipod Touch®

  • iPad® Air 2 and iPod® Touch will be shipped on August 31, 2015.
  • iPad® Air 2 can be substituted for an additional $500 scholarship.
  • iPod® Touch can be substituted for an additional $350 scholarship.
  • iPad® Air is “the Apple iPad® 2 – Wi-Fi – 16 GB. No changes, special requests, or upgrades are allowed.
  • iPod® Touch – 32 GB – No changes, special requests, or upgrades are allowed
  • In the case the group receives an iPad® Air or an iPod® Touch following its registration but later decides to cancel its participation to a spring 2016 program, then WorldStrides Heritage Performance will retain an additional $500 for the iPad® Air or $350 for the iPod® Touch that has already been distributed if the group is eligible for a refund.
  • For Audition Groups – iPad® Air 2 will be shipped after the group is accepted by Carnegie Hall.

  • A director will be qualified to join the Directors Club after the first trip with WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs.
  • Only lead directors and assistant directors leading the performance groups on stage or on the field will receive the credit for the travel years.
  • Accompanists/Trip Coordinators/Administrators are not eligible for the Directors Club.
  • Travel years are on a cumulative basis and will be retroactive to your first trip. Director’s travel history follows the director in case of relocation to another school(s). WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs will count the number of years travelled, not number of trips.
  • A full credit (equal to 1 year for Directors Club) is earned when the group travels on a regular package option.
  • Directors of groups traveled on “Festival Only” packages will receive half credit for each trip. Two such trips will qualify for a full credit.
  • Directors Club awards are given once at each milestone level. All monetary benefits but be redeemed within three years of qualification. Unclaimed benefits will expire.
  • WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs comply with federal guidelines for reporting income to teachers. Directors are responsible for knowing and complying with state laws and school policies regarding acceptance, disclosure, and use of financial rewards and prizes.
  • WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs reserve the right to make any changes in the awards levels and director gifts in order to best meet the needs of the Directors Club.