HP_Sugar_Bowl_Band_KidswithTicketsYou and your group have booked the performance travel experience of a lifetime. Between now and then, you’ll be rehearsing your piece, packing your bags, and…fundraising!

As a performance group, you’re no stranger to this process – but we’ve pulled together some of our groups’ best fundraisers which may give you some new ideas.

Gift of Performance 
Be sure to take advantage of our most popular fundraising tool! Send these customizable e-cards or letters to friends and family members encouraging them to donate to your trip. The average donation amount is $25 and most performers are able to pay for 100% of their trip!

Check out some of our groups’ most popular fundraising ideas below. Click here to visit our WorldStrides’ fundraising and scholarships website for even more ideas!


Approach locally owned businesses in person and through written letters and offer to feature them on t-shirts as sponsors of your trip! Make sure to thank them afterwards, too. Have a party for the sponsors and show them the experience, post videos and photos of the performance on Facebook and tag your sponsors – there’s lots of ways to say “thanks.”

Ask parents to commit to contributing $10/week to a “trip fund” at home in exchange for completing special chores. This is a great way to keep kids motivated and excited about the trip!

Crowd-sourced fundraising tools like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are free, user-friendly, and a great way to build and keep momentum going around fundraising.

  • Hold a “Night In at the Studio/Classroom” once a week until the event. Invite local parents to drop their kids off for babysitting and entertainment provided by your performers!
    • Example: your performers will watch neighborhood children between 5-11pm at the studio/in the classroom while their parents enjoy a night out. The cost breakdown per family could be $25 for the 1st child, $15 for the 2nd, $10 for the 3rd, etc.
    • Ask a local pizza place to donate the food, and feature them prominently on a sign at the “Night-In” event.
    • Let the performers take responsibility for the entertainment. It could be a movie, arts and crafts, dance class, etc.
    • Ask one parent to supervise the evening.
  • Volunteer to serve food at a local restaurant in exchange for some of the day’s proceeds.
  • Staff the concession stand at your school or minor league sports event for tips.
  • Bag groceries at a local supermarket and collect tips.

  • Host a benefit concert and invite current performers, alumni, and community members to perform. Hold an all-day Rehearse-a-Thon. Collect pledges for each hour of practice.
    • Sell advertising space in your program to parents and local businesses.
    • Ask a restaurant to donate a portion of their profits on the night of your performance, then encourage attendees to go for dinner before the concert or grab dessert after!
  • Sponsor an event for performers to entertain at a coffeehouse and serve warm drinks.
  • Organize a talent show and allow performers to compete with each other for prizes!

  • Host a karaoke night for friends and family, and charge a small entrance fee or sell refreshments.
  • Perform for tips at your local farmer’s market.
  • Host a Dance-a-Thon where students form teams and must dance for 24 hours.
  • Plan a community dance and sell tickets and refreshments.

An article in your local newspaper or spot on your local radio station can do a lot to raise awareness and generate support for your trip. Talk with your WorldStrides Heritage Performance representative about our press release program to help kick-start your fundraising!