Registration Questions


Use our convenient online registration system using Our Online Registration System.

Account changes must be submitted in writing by the Responsible Party. Personal information updates can be made in the MyAccount section of your MyTrip site.

Yes. WorldStrides Heritage Performance welcomes disabled participants and makes every effort to accommodate the student’s needs. Please have the director contact his or her Destination Specialist regarding any special needs so we may take care of the necessary arrangements.


Questions for your director


The director makes the decision as to whether parents may participate. Please ask your director for specific details.

Please speak with your director, as he or she chooses the chaperones for the program.

Please contact your director to find out if your child can still travel with the group.

Please check with your child’s director for this information. He or she will have the most current participant counts.

Most students get to choose their roommates at the discretion of the director. Ultimate approval of all roommate selections rests with the director.

The specific itinerary will be chosen by your child’s director, based on his or her educational goals. For more information please contact your director.

Once finalized, the itinerary is sent directly to your director. It will be distributed at his or her discretion.

This amount will vary based on the program’s inclusions, so please check with the director for guidelines.

Please refer to your director for information about payment breakdown.

Your director can provide you with the total cost and any payment options he or she will make available to you.

Your director can provide you with the total cost and any payment options he or she will make available to you.

Just as all payments go through your director, all cancellations and requests for refunds must go through your director. He or she will make the determination about any available refunds and pay them as such.


Program and Travel Information


The group leader, referred to as the director, is most often a teacher at your child’s school. The director is supported by other chaperones as needed, usually either parents or other teachers at the school.

To ensure your child is properly monitored, WorldStrides Heritage Performance requires a safe ratio of adults to students on each program. The director carefully assigns the chaperones. Please contact the director with any questions or concerns you may have about chaperones.

Safety and security are our top priorities. We will not operate a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program if the safety of any participant is compromised.

All program participants are provided with accident, illness, and accident-related dental insurance coverage amounts up to $7,500 for accident, $1,500 for illness, and $750 for accident-related dental. Pre-existing conditions are not covered (full details are available by calling American Income Life at 1-800-849-4820).

Any charges not covered by this insurance are the responsibility of the participant.

For international program participants only: Medical and accident insurance coverage will be provided through Berkley Care. This insurance is underwritten by Virginia Surety, Inc. Please contact Berkley Care at 1-800-453-4063 for additional information.

All of our domestic hotels are nationally recognized chain hotels such as Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, or comparable. Each hotel has been chosen for its cleanliness, hospitality, and safe location.

We use all major carriers. American, United, Delta, Southwest, and US Airways are our top carriers.

Due to the nature of group travel and discounted group rates, airlines do not allow the use of frequent flyer programs. Group travelers are not eligible to use or receive frequent flyer miles.

Ask your director for guidelines appropriate for your program. Please remember that students are required to carry their own luggage at times, so keep the weight manageable.

The cost for checking baggage on a flight is not included in your WorldStrides Heritage Performance program price, and travelers should be prepared to pay these fees upon check-in for both departing and returning flights. Please check your airline’s website prior to travel for up-to-date information regarding these fees. If you do not yet know your flight arrangements for your program, you can find information regarding most major airline fees at

Additionally, all travelers should be aware of the Transportation Security Administration’s guidelines for air travel. For more information, please visit the TSA website at

In accordance with TSA regulations, all participants must provide their full legal name (first, middle, and last name matching information on a government-issued ID) matching information on a government-issued ID, date of birth, and gender prior to ticketing.

International air travel: Students should make two black and white copies of their passport before travel in case their original passport is lost or stolen; keep one in secured luggage and give one to the director. An original passport must be presented to airport officials at check-in. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the end of your program. You are responsible for obtaining your own passport, a process which can take several months. If you already have a passport, make sure that it will still be valid for six months after your return date.

We strongly recommend that you visit these websites for more information on required travel and

Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining all documents needed in order to enter the countries to be visited or connected through, and for reentry into the U.S. If you are denied boarding for the countries to be visited or connected through, you are not eligible for a refund for missed travel services. We urge you to contact the consular offices of the countries on your itinerary, as well as the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, for complete information.

Traveler’s checks are acceptable, but not recommended. Not all locations will accept a traveler’s check from a minor.


MyTrip Questions


Visit and click “Parents, Students, and Adults Click Here to join MyTrip.” Select your user role (i.e. Student, Parent of a Student, Adult/Other) and your status information to determine what information is required to create an account.

Traveler ID: the customer account number assigned at the time of registration for the program and found on confirmation messages.

Trip ID: the code that identifies your program and is listed on your Registration Letter.

This is your unique Customer Account Number, which you receive in confirmation messages after registering for a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program.

To retrieve an unknown or forgotten password, click the link be the login are on the MyTrip homepage.

Yes. After successfully logging in to MyTrip, click MyAccount in the top right-hand portion of the screen, then find the area to change your password on the resulting screen.

Yes. Login to your parent account and enter your child’s Traveler ID in the bottom section of MyAccount. Your child’s account information will appear in this section as well.

If you are not travelling with your child, select “Parent of a Student.” If you are joining your child’s program, perhaps as a chaperone, and will be responsible for paying for yourself, select “Adult/Other.”

If you are interested in traveling on additional WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs, you can add the corresponding MyTrip sites to your account. Enter the Trip ID number for the additional trip you would like to view on MyTrip via the MyAccount page.

Your director can add your finalized itinerary to your MyTrip site by utilizing the site’s customization capabilities.


Discovery for Credit


Log in to your Student account on and click the link to access Discovery for Credit.

Students must be enrolled on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program in order to be eligible for the course. Credit will not be awarded until after the on-trip experience occurs and successful completion of the final exam.

Every course varies, but on average, each semester course (0.5) credit should take a student 60+ hours to complete  (20 pre-trip hours + 20 on-trip hours + 20 post-trip hours).

Students may complete work at any time (pre-trip, on-trip, or post-trip) up to 6 months after their travel dates.

Since WorldStrides Heritage Performance is an accredited travel study school, other public high schools are required, by reciprocity, to accept WorldStrides Heritage Performance‘s credit. This applies to students in grades 9-12. Students in grades K-8 are  bound by district or local policy, many of which accept high school credit without question. Some districts or schools, however, have policies that prohibit middle school students from obtaining high school credit prior to entering high school. The school district determines whether a student is considered a 9th grader on the day he or she “graduates” middle school or the day he or she “enters” high school. We strive to communicate with the school district in these cases about the rigor of our programs. In the end, it is a local decision.

Discovery for Credit courses are free for participating students.

Our Director of Education develops and oversees the content and assessment for each course. As a certified teacher and administrator, our Director of Education has an extensive background in education.

We ask the director to promote Discovery for Credit to students by mentioning it at parent meetings or classroom meetings, and generally including it on correspondence sent home to parents and students. Directors do not grade, write curriculum, or assess any student on this program. Directors who choose to support their students’ Discovery for Credit efforts have the option to receive an “administration” password for Discovery for Credit, which allows them to view and track the progress of the students taking the courses. This is an option that is available through MyTrip or via our Director of Education.