Discovery for Credit


Not only will you have an awesome time traveling with your friends and giving the performance of a lifetime on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance trip, but you can earn free high school credit! Our exclusive Discovery for Credit program is an interactive online course that builds on everything you learned on your trip. The Discovery for Credit course must be completed within six months after returning from your WorldStrides Heritage Performance program.

How to Enroll in Discovery for Credit

  • Log in to your student account on MyTrip and register by filling out the simple form.
  • Once you have registered, WorldStrides Heritage Performance verifies the travel program and assigns the appropriate course and password.
  • You will receive an automatic notification within 24 hours when the course is ready to begin.
  • All students must be enrolled on a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program in order to be eligible for the course; credit will not be awarded until after the on-trip experience occurs and the student successfully completes the final exam.


Program Options for High School Credit

Select your course below to download or print the Discovery Journal.

Musical Performance Discovery Journal sample activities:

  • making sense of music theory
  • identifying the “danger” in rock and roll
  • predicting the future of music through technology


Sports Performance Discovery Journal sample activities:

  • setting goals for becoming an athlete for life
  • debunking dieting myths
  • debating what qualifies as a “sport”