Welcome, Dance and Cheer Coaches!

Dancers at the Orange BowlWorldStrides Heritage Performance offers dance and cheer students  the opportunity to perform during the halftime show at a college bowl game, as well as year-round opportunities for custom dance programs in New York City. Your young performers will never forget how it feels to take the field in front of thousands of screaming fans at a college bowl game. Your team will always remember you as the coach who exposed them to the world of professional dance with a private session in a Broadway studio during their first trip to New York City! A WorldStrides Heritage Performance program brings your students together with nationally acclaimed choreographers no matter where your destination so your performers always learn from the very best.

Starting the moment you decide to travel, you will have a personal team of dedicated staff members supporting you every step of the way. From securing your hotel and transportation logistics to recommending and booking exciting activities in your event destination, we’re dedicated to providing an incredible event experience for you and your students.

The reward of seeing your performers’ faces after their first halftime show or the look of determination in their eyes while learning new moves from a nationally recognized choreographer is enough to make you feel like a well-accomplished coach. However, the rewards don’t stop there! We appreciate your commitment to giving your group this opportunity and we want to thank you for your hard work.

  • Travel free with a minimum number of full-paying participants
  • Learn from nationally renowned adjudicators as they share techniques for inspiring and coaching student performers
  • Build a tradition of performance travel at your school that expands your music program by recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Earn rewards in the form of scholarships or airline tickets
  • Benefit from sharing your experience with your peers with referral incentives
  • Advance your teaching career with free professional development and low-cost graduate credit
  • Receive free audio files and a supplementary “textbook” (Discovery Journal) to enhance student learning
  • Membership into our Director’s Club


Each year, we select renowned choreographers and instructors, known throughout the world for their ability to create unique routines and expose your students to new styles and techniques. Our events feature choreography that is designed to challenge even the most elite performers, while helping develop skill and technique for those with less experience. Whether your team seeks a competitive environment or simply wants to be exposed to the latest in the world of dance and cheer, WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs have the opportunities that will help your students grow. Here’s a glimpse at some of our past choreographers.


Mandy Moore

2014, 2013, 2012 Orange Bowl Halftime Show; 2010 Liberty Bowl Halftime Show; 2010 Holiday Bowl Dance Convention; 2009 Holiday Bowl Halftime Show; 2008 and 2009 Orange Bowl Dance Convention; 2008 Orange Bowl Halftime Show; Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” and “American Idol,” NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Travis Wall
Travis Wall

2013 Orange Bowl Dance Convention; Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”; contemporary dance instructor
at NUVO; 2012 Academy Awards Assistant Choreographer; ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”; 2010 VMA Choreographer

Dave Scott

2012 BCS Championship Halftime Show; 2009 Sugar Bowl Halftime Show; feature film “You Got Served”; MTV’s “The Wade Robson Project”; Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”

Bonnie Story

2014 Sugar Bowl Halftime Show; 2011 Orange Bowl Halftime Show; 2009 Orange Bowl Dance Convention; 2007, 2008, and 2012 Sugar Bowl Halftime Shows: “High School Musical 1″, “2”, and “3”; Cirque Du Soleil

Additional past choreographers include:
Anthony Thomas
Brian Bridges
Cici Kelly
Jamie Parrish
Jaquel Knight
Laurie Ann Gibson
Liz Imperio
Longinus Fernandez
Lori-Lee Mendieta
Michael Lemanski
Michael Schwandt
Rob Schultz
Tiy Fountain

From halftime performances at national bowl games to dance workshops in New York City, we have a life-enriching performance opportunity that is perfect for you and your students. The experience of competing and performing in some of the most amazing cites in the country will improve your dance or cheer program and make your entire community proud.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Explore our programs to learn about our event dates, locations, and included activities.

Step 2: Click here to request more information. You can also contact a Event Selection Adviser at 1-800-223-4367.

This will be the experience of a lifetime for you and your students. Start planning today!

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