Welcome, Choral Directors!

Choral Directors Welcome

WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs provides students and directors with the once-in-a-lifetime moments that span from the first note to the standing ovation and beyond.

At every festival, you’ll take the stage before a panel of three adjudicators who are experts in choral  performance. Following your performance, one of these passionate music professionals will join you on stage to deliver a mini-clinic, giving you immediate and personal feedback that will compliment, congratulate, and critique your concert.

Starting the moment you decide to travel, you will have a personal team of dedicated staff members supporting you every step of the way. From securing your hotel and transportation logistics to recommending and booking exciting activities in your festival location, we’re dedicated to providing an incredible festival experience for you and your students.

Your ensemble will learn and grow closer together during this exciting adventure that combines travel with musical performance. To thank you for offering your students this amazing opportunity, WorldStrides Heritage Performance is proud to offer traveling directors exciting rewards.

When you join us for a music festival, you will:

  • Travel free with a minimum number of full-paying participants
  • Learn from nationally renowned adjudicators as they share techniques for inspiring and coaching student performers
  • Build a tradition of performance travel at your school that expands your music program by recruiting and retaining top talent
  • Earn rewards in the form of scholarships or airline tickets
  • Benefit from sharing your experience with your peers with referral incentives
  • Advance your teaching career with free professional development and low-cost graduate credit
  • Receive free audio files and a supplementary “textbook” (Discovery Journal) to enhance student learning
  • Membership into our Director’s Club

As your partner in music education, we provide valuable and inspiring learning opportunities at every festival performance. Our roster of nationally-renowned adjudicators, among the very best music educators in the country, ensures that your students have a superior educational experience. They believe, just as much as you, in the power of music.

At every festival, each adjudicator delivers much more than a critique of your students’ performance – they share a passionate dialogue on topics like technique, rhythm, instruction, confidence, and style. You will also be provided with each adjudicator’s taped and written notes of your group’s performance, so you can reference these when your group returns home and help your ensemble grow and improve.

Past adjudicators include:


Anton Armstrong

Anton Armstrong is the Harry R. and Thora H. Tosdal Professor of Music at St. Olaf College and Conductor of the St. Olaf Choir, a position he has held since 1990.

Donald Brinegar

Donald Brinegar is Department Coordinator and Director of Choral Studies at Pasadena City College, lecturer in voice at Pomona College, and visiting professor at California State University at Los Angeles where he co-directs the Masters in Choral Conducting program.

Jeffery Redding

Jeffery Redding is the Director of Choral Activities at West Orange High School in Winter Garden, Florida. He challenges his students to strive to do their best in life, to touch and change lives through their music, and to seek unity between people of all races.

Christopher Aspaas
Christopher Aspaas

Dr. Christopher Aspaas holds degrees from St. Olaf College, Michigan State University, and Florida State University. At St. Olaf, Aspaas conducts the Viking Chorus and also leads the Saint Olaf Chapel Choir.

Additional past adjudicators include:

  • Elena Sharkova
  • Edith A. Copley
  • Lynne Gackle
  • Dr. Craig Jessop
  • Sigrid Johnson
  • Dr. David Stocker
  • Z. Randall Stroope
  • Colonel A. Phillip Waite
  • Dr. Mack Wilberg







From regional music festivals to the premier venues of Festival of Gold and Festival at Carnegie Hall, we have a life-enriching performance opportunity that is perfect for you and your students. The experience of competing and performing in some of the most amazing cites in the country will improve your choral program and make your entire community proud.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Explore our programs to learn about our festival dates, locations, and included activities. Download the full festival performance schedule here. To view our suggested music list for choral groups, click here.

Step 2: Click here to request more information. You can also contact a Festival Selection Advisor at 1-800-223-4367.

This will be the experience of a lifetime for you and your students. Start planning today!

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