Nearly 35 years of student performing travel experience

HP_BandStudentsSmilingIn 1980, a group of music and tour professionals formed Heritage Festivals and created a performance festival experience that would attract and spotlight the best directors, students, and adjudicators in the country. Working hard to develop and expand a deeply rooted belief in the value of music, education, and travel, Heritage Festivals grew throughout the 1980s and 90s. New divisions expanded the student performance opportunities available, including Bowl Games of America, BGA Performance, Festival of Gold, and Sky’s the Limit.

In 1999, Heritage Festivals, Bowl Games of America, BGA Performance, Festival of Gold, and Sky’s the Limit became a part of WorldStrides, the leader in the educational student travel industry. By becoming a member of the WorldStrides family, travelers on these programs immediately benefited from decades of travel coordination experience, the most comprehensive insurance package, and the best safety record in the field. Additionally, students and directors were now positioned to earn free academic credit and professional development for their participation in a WorldStrides Heritage Performance program as part of WorldStrides’ unique accreditation status.

In 2008, Field Studies Center of New York joined our lineup of performing arts opportunities for middle and high school students. This partnership gave groups the chance to perform at world-renowned Carnegie Hall, and the Festival at Carnegie Hall was born.

In 2011, each of our performing brands combined to form the WorldStrides Heritage Performance programs. This lineup of performing travel opportunities was introduced to better convey the broad range of exciting music and performance opportunities available for educators, instructors, and students.