We know nothing compares to the pride of performing in a world-renowned concert hall, the adrenaline rush of performing a new music number in front of thousands of fans, or the incredible thrill of learning a new dance move from a famous choreographer. Performing is our life, and as we enter our 35th year, we are prouder than ever to offer talented students the opportunity of a lifetime to perform and showcase their talents in breathtaking venues across the country.

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Ever dream of performing in London?

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London Music Festival - WorldStrides Heritage Performance


Band and Choir Directors, Music Educators, and Dance Teachers - join us at London Music Festival!

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Today is World Teachers' Day, which highlights the importance of the world's current teachers, as well as brings awareness to the need for teachers worldwide. Learn more:

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World Teachers' Day aims to honor and inspire for a brighter tomorrow


October 5 is World Teachers' Day, so be sure to tell a teacher just how much they mean to you today.

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October 4, 2015 at 6:43 pm

TELL US: What type of band do you perform in?

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Performance Venue of the Week: Dalhalla amphitheater

The Dalhalla amphitheater is a former limestone quarry located in Rättvik, Sweden. Concertgoers are submerged 196 feet below the surrounding forests to see events held from June to September.

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Today is World Ballet Day!

Five of the world’s leading ballet companies will stream 23 hours of live, behind-the-scenes footage on YouTube. Check it out!

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World Ballet Day LIVE | One Day. Five World Renowned Ballet Companies. Live and Online.


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